Peter Gabriel is So Meta

Obviously, Peter Gabriel found my blog post on being Meta so convincing that he also wanted to become meta.

So he got together with Hot Chip and did a cover of the Vampire Weekend song, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (click the link to stream the MP3 on Stereogum.) He sings a line about himself, then he changes a lyric later to mention that it’s weird to sing about yourself. Not to be confused with talking TO yourself, which better be at least close to normal or I’m in trouble. Anyway, I like all the things involved in this song: Vampire Weekend, Peter Gabriel, Hot Chip, Cape Cod and covers. (Kwassa Kwassas not included, I guess.)

Oh, and Steorgum. As I have mentioned many-a-time before, I don’t know anything about music. I don’t follow music. If you’re a cool person, I for sure have not heard of your favorite band. The last “cool” band I liked was Led Zeppelin, and their heyday was prior to my first birthday. But my Google reader told me I might like Stereogum so I subscribed, and I occassionally read it.

I learned that finding an ocassional, new something-musical is fun.

Another thing that’s fun is making quiet time for yourself. Find out how from us experts on peace, serenity and the internet [here]


2 thoughts on “Peter Gabriel is So Meta

  1. I couldn’t even concentrate on what your post was about, I kept thinking of John Cusack, boomboxes and looking out my window…( this happens anytime someone mentions Peter Gabriel)


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