French Models Get Naked; Go On Strike

And the best part is? They go on strike to get more respect!

Imagine THIS scenario:

Guy: So…um…do you want to see my DVD collection? I have over 500…they’re in my bedroom.
Girl: Ha. That is such a line…why do all men treat women like objects! I’ll look at your DVD collection, but just to make sure that you respect me, I’m going to take off my clothes first.

Ok. So I’m clearly taking this out of context (because what’s more fun than taking things out of context…except maybe walking around in the nude.) But, fully in context, art school models are striking naked to prove that a) they don’t make enough money b) no one appreciates what a serious profession nude modeling in, and in fact, the entire canon of European artwork is greatly indebted to nude models. (If you don’t believe them, check out the exhibit at the École Nationale des Beaux Arts, called “Figures of the body, an anatomy lesson at the Beaux Arts.” Yup. It’s a tribute to nude models.

Gosh, I’m thinking. Too bad findingDulcinea let me keep my job when I went to get my philosophy degree. Otherwise, I’d probably be over at the School of Visual Arts, naked and not even allowed blink my eye, scraping together an income/playing an integral part of artistic creation instead of just writing about it.

But seriously. These models DO deserve something. Because, the Good Friend took a painting class and I have one of his nude model paintings in my hallway. And…how do I put this nicely? She looks like she’s had a very hard life. So give the nude models some credit already. (And a raise, and health benefits, and the right to join a union.)


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