Ocean Power Is Viable Source of Energy

This entry could also be called: More about how my college boyfriend is the smartest. Or more specifically, College Boyfriend totally called that the ocean could be a viable source of energy. I called him crazy. Well. Now look who’s crazy?


“A new device that uses cylinders inspired by the movements of fish has the potential to produce more energy at a cheaper cost. Scientists hope to ride the wave.” [rest of Ocean Power Article.]

It’s true. First, that the ocean will be providing another energy alternative. Probably because It’s thinking, “If I help you guys out with the energy crisis, will you stop dumping crap into me?”

It’s also true that the answer to “Now look who’s crazy” is definitely me. And as I teeter on the brink of total delirious collapse/handing in my final papers and drinking a lot of holiday drinks, I, like the scientists, really hope that I can ride the wave and get enough energy to surf to the finish line (or at least be able to hold my breath for long enough to get wiped out and dumped unceremoniously in the sand. (As my father cheerfully said, “Well, I hope you survive the week!” Disturbing. I mean, yes, in this case, failure is an option, but I’m hoping that death is not.)

Anyway, since I’ve been doing a lot of writing, I’m offering inspiration for writers:

1) Listology List of the Most Beautiful Words.
2) Marlene Dietrich’s New York Times obit. Some seriously captivating writing telling the textured story of a uniquely classic star.


2 thoughts on “Ocean Power Is Viable Source of Energy

  1. Everytime I get my hopes up about this kind of stuff I remember, “oh yeah, lobbyists run everything and we aren’t going to do a single thing about alternate power until it is way to late.”But once again, I hope this actually goes somewhere.

  2. Unequivocally and without reason, my favorite word is -inconspicuously-Not only is it missing from the list but hiccup made it?! ps. how lovely of a world it would be if the ocean was the source of energy for earth…


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