Life Lessons From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Wanting to take the easy way out is normal

The best part about movies is that they enable to go on the hero’s journey without actually having to be a hero. Force Awakens did a great job of reminding us that heroism is not only a lot of work, but also very scary. Rey would rather sit alone in tent than fight evil, Han Solo and Chewie think that crime is less dangerous than heroism and Finn very explicitly states that he wants to run away from danger, not towards it. And who can blame them? We always imagine that if we were faced with a really important challenge (like, for example, protecting a map of Luke Skywalker’s location) we’d step up to it, but the truth is, we back down from far simpler, safer tasks every day. Just because the task at end isn’t sexy doesn’t mean you should give in to inertia. Speaking of sexy…

Even the sexiest man alive can get too old be sexy

During the whole movie, I was having this side conversation with myself that went something like, “Would you do him now? How about now? Come on, Rachel! You know how to appreciate old men! What about from far away?” I’m talking about Harrison Ford, of course. I think he played a kick ass father figure and I was actually impressed by his fatherly acting, but him getting too old to be hot was weirdly uncomfortable because it made me feel old, too.

The pet fantasy is better than the pet reality

Isn’t BB-8 the cutest?? I felt more oxytocin bursting out of me for that little robot then I’ve felt for…well, really anyone or anything else in my life. Not only is he totes adorbs, but he always goes where he’s supposed to and understands what you tell him to do. He’s totally mission-driven but also loves his master and really believes that he’ll come back for him even though it’s totally implausible. (The oxytocin is coursing through me even as I write this.) This kind of thing is exactly what people envision when they think about getting a “buddy.” In reality, a dog will behave as well as BB-8 maybe 7% of the time, except it will never understand exactly what you say. In short: if you want the perfect pet, get one of those robot seals.

Droids and animals are cuter than peope

To continue on the theme above…is it me, or the moment when R2D2 comes back to life the best moment of the movie?

Nobody can fuck you up more than your family

Who is Rey? Who cares? She’s obviously related to all the main characters in some way or another, and as a result, is totally ensnared by all the bullshit from everyone around her. At the same time, your family issues are your problem, you need to resolve them yourself. Killing your family won’t help.

You need to deal with daddy issues (especially if you’re a guy)

That said, nobody has more family problems than Kylo Ren, because he’s a dude with daddy issues. Women have had daddy issues for years, as a result, they have a strategy for dealing with them. But if there’s any doubt that we need to do a better job of supporting boys who have daddy issue, Kylo Ren is it. #yesallmen

The belonging you see is ahead of you, not behind you

Nuff said.


One thought on “Life Lessons From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. My representation on the spectrum must be showing, but it doesn’t seem logical to feel old when you find that someone else has aged out of the hotness zone. Rather, Han “I didn’t shoot first (but really, he did)” Solo’s no longer being attractive to you should make you feel younger, no?


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