10 Reasons Why Marketing is Like Sex

I could write a lede for this, but that would just embarrass all of us by making it seem more serious than it is.


10 Reasons Why Marketing is Like Sex

10. Everybody does it, but most of them could be doing it better.
9. The bigger your budget, the broader your reach.
8. You can speak absolute nonsense while doing it, and if it has a good ring to it, no one cares. 
7. The most targeted demographic is the 18-35 range.
6. These days, the best way to get leads is online.
5. Some people pretend to be above it, but everybody needs it.
4. Proper positioning is the key to success.
3.There are hundreds of articles written every day with advice on how to get good at it. 
2. People brag about wins and ignore losses. 
1. No one has really figured out yet how Twitter helps you do it.

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Marketing is Like Sex

  1. I like the visuals that the marketing language brings up. Like in number 4, some insane acrobatic twister, and then all of a sudden…success!

  2. @Eric – that's what she said.
    @Zakir – Haha! But my work with Women's Voices for Change [http://womensvoicesforchange.org/] has made me realize that older folks may in fact know about more tools than we give them credit for.

  3. Just finished reading your top 10 reasons not to commit suicide. I found your writing to be compelling & entertaining— not to mention helpful. So, I had to read more and this article just added fuel to the inspirational fires. Therefore, no matter the movie that was made, the matter made was that people got out to pursue their desires & live! Thank you for reason number 11!


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