And….This is Why We’re Single

I live in a house with three amazing women.

They are smart, beautiful, hilarious, successful and excellent cooks. I don’t know how I got mixed up in the bunch (say whatever nice things you want about me, there’s no pretending that I can cook) but I feel very, very lucky to live here.

Of course, we are all single.

Being single in your late 20s is like showing up at a party and spilling red wine on the white table cloth. It is cleaned up quickly. It could have happened to anyone. The host assures you that he has some amazing stain-stick and the damage won’t be permanent. The party goes on.

Yet, everyone can see that there is a big, red stain right in front of you. No one can really judge you for it. There’s not technically anything that bad about it. But no one can really stop looking at it, either. 

Personally, I honestly have no problem with being single. My hunch is that many of my friends don’t either. That said, we talk about it, because we’re not subtle people and would never allow an elephant to stay in the room without mercilessly mocking it.

For example, in our house, whenever we find ourselves doing something really stupid (kitchen dance parties, eating off the floor, giving the guys we like absurd nicknames, lip-syncing to Abba, imitating Yoda, leaving our rooms in a state of disaster, completely nerding out over plants/recycling/Twitter/biblical literature/Philosophy, etc) we say, “And… this is why we’re single.”

I’ve come to realize that whenever we say, “And this is why we’re single,” the reason always happens to be one of my favorite things about myself/us.

And of course, (cue Romantic Music) if there is an “other half” in the cards for any of us, he will love quoting Star Wars, debating over plant species and licking the popcorn bowl, too. No worries.

That is why I have no problem with the fact that I just blogged for and wrote about why I am undatable. That’s right. Don’t even try. It will never work. RB cannot date.

You can tweet that and put in on Facebook and share it on LinkedIn if that’s your pace. Or shout it from the rooftops if you’re old-fashioned like that.

You see, I wrote that working for start-ups is why I cannot date. And working for start-ups is definitely one of my favorite things about myself. I don’t plan on changing that behavior, and nor do I really think it’s going to be a problem.

While I think I made a pretty good case for why working at start-ups makes dating hard,  I also inferred that I kiss with my eyes open and there are dozens upon dozens of people who will testify that is not true. (After all, it’s easy to think about work with your eyes shut, I do it in Yoga all the time.) In other words, it may be one of the reasons why I’m single, but it’s not cause to panic.

Anyway this is more for my family, because they all seem really worried that I have posted my ineligibility on the Interweb:

Let it be known that I am emotionally available. 

Or at least I will be when I feel a little bit better about my career.

You can help me feel better by sharing this article: (My grandma will be so grateful.) True Tales of Love and Start-Ups: iPhones, FourSquare and Being Present.



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