Songs I Listen to When I Crank It Out

So, I just had the most awkward weekend of my life. Those of you that know me or this blog realize that probably earns me a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Unfortunately, it was so awkward I actually can’t write about it. However, somehow, karmically, I feel that I deserve to be embarrassed.

Luckily, I’ve had an absurd amount of writing to do for work in the past month, and it has required me to put on my headphones and play the kind of songs that motivate me to crank out large amounts of text.

I’m not saying my taste in music is impeccable when I’m with other people, but when I’m alone with a deadline, it totally goes down the tube. It is my hope that when I make a public confession, the Universe will stop sending me awkwardness (and I will still have friends.)

Songs I Listen to When I Crank it Out

1. One Day – Matisyahu. It kind of makes you believe that one day, you will have friends other than your laptop. I listened to it on repeat for six days straight before realizing that was not the case.

2. Hold on Loosely – .38 Special. I was writing about rock climbing. Actually I think if you’re rock climbing you need to grip pretty tightly, but this got in my head and that was that — for about 5 hours straight.

3. Miracle – Matisyahu. If you have momentary nostalgia for the traditions of your youth and play a Hannukah song on repeat for all eight days and nights, will God intervene on your behalf like he did with Maccabees? No, but I don’t regret trying.

4. Love is All Around – The Troggs. In the carpool, we listen to the Love Actually soundtrack. Every time “Christmas is All Around” comes on, I scream so loud we almost crash the car. I decided to try and mellow myself out with the real thing. (This one actually worked!)

5. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Phil Collins. I discovered the motivational power of this song when my ex-boyfriend had just stopped speaking to me. Turns out it’s just as effective when everyone talks to you and you don’t love anyone.

6. I Think We’re Alone Now– Tiffany. I loved this song since Stacy Ferguson performed it on Kids Incorporated. It’s sort of how I feel about my laptop, right now.

7. Say Goodbye to Hollywood – Billy Joel. No idea how this song got stuck in my head, but it’s wedged deep. The lyrics say “life is a series of hellos and goodbyes,” but I am beyond ashamed to report I have not managed to say goodbye to this song.

8. The Circle of Life – The Lion King. Sometimes you need to be reminded.

9. I Get A Kick Out of You – Frank Sinatra. Again, a song about my feelings for my laptop.

10. Stronger – Kayne West. For those rare, rare moments when writing is a struggle. Good reminder that words that don’t kill me will at least make my text longer.

11. Candlelight – The Maccabeats. When I finally got sick of listening to Matisyahu but still was hoping God would save me, this song came to the rescue. No word from the Big Guy yet, but the song has dulled my hatred for acapella groups from Yale which probably brings me a little closer to Heaven.

12. Dynamite – Taio Cruz. When Hannukah ended, I decided I had to cut off the Maccabeats. Luckily, I liked the original song even better. Plus the double entendre of “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes” pretty much says it all.

13. Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris. Once I started listening to Dynamite, I was reminded of my absolute favorite Taio Cruz song/absolute favorite song ever written. I’ve been listening to it for four days and I’ve listened to it four times since I started this post. You might say this is Ludacris, but Taio Cruz– tell her how you feel:


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