Steve Jobs Can Help You Find God–72 Times

There’s a joke at my office that every sentence I speak starts with, “In full disclosure…” because I am always saying truthful things that people don’t want to hear or confessing really embarrassing things about myself.

So-full disclosure: I get the Daily Kabbalah wisdom emailed to me every day. Each morning, Yehuda Berg–the crazy founder of the crazy, sort of Jewish cult with a following that includes Madonna–emails me advice about looking for the light, setting an intention or taking risks.

I’d like to make excuses, such as: “they didn’t have anything to do with God,” or, “I usually applied them to my job” or, “I subscribed when I was researching the findingDulcinea Religion Guide and I couldn’t find the unsubscribe button.” But…the reality is, I was getting the Daily Kabbalah Wisdom. Every day.

Then tonight, the Kabbalah sent me an email with subject line, “72 Names of God iPhone App Now Available.”

Now, I work for an app company. Truth be told, I wrote a newsletter this morning promoting one of our titles that is a Bible story. But at no point did I call our app, “A fun and easy tool for physical and emotional well-being.” (However, I did write a line very similar to that for one of our diet book apps.)

Nor did I write, “Using the technology encoded in the Bible, anyone can transform their life, anytime, anywhere.” Technology encoded in the Bible?? Are we talking about the King James version or Dark Side of the Moon?

Also, no iPad app? Everybody knows that God looks better on the iPad.

So, after three years of getting the Daily Kabbalah wisdom and reading it, but never actually taking action (despite all the times my mom said, “take his advice! Dispel negativity!”), I am finally taking action: “Unsubscribe.”

See for yourself here.
Better information on Religion and Spirituality in the aforementioned findingDulcinea Religion Guide.


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