Happy Birthday San Francisco

As is often the case, two people I know scheduled their birthday for the same night last night. What was most interesting about these parties is that they were both completely “San Francisco” and yet completely different.

The first party was announced via email–but you had to reply to the email with your physical address. Then you got a physical invitation- engraved and sent to you!

The party would take place in two houses in the Mission. “Creative Black Tie” was optional. (Although I learned that close friends of the guest of honor were mildly coerced into it.) It was a 29th birthday party, because the two birthday boys decided that 29 was more interesting than 30. Totally old-school, hipster intelligentsia.

The second party was actually a 30th birthday party. The woman in question created only a Facebook invite, but found herself in a jam when she tried to invite co-workers. Since she has a policy of never Facebook friending her co-workers, they were unable to view the invite. She had to friend them, and then block them from most of her information, which ended up resulting in an open conversation at work about all the ways she was blocking them and all the things she didn’t want them to see.

The theme was “Let’s Get Physical” and the Birthday Girl rented out a bar, asked everyone to wear spandex and had headbands and hula hoops as party favors. She rented a Karaoke machine. Dancing was kicked off with a stretch class. Totally new-wave, hipster tech crowd.

I was supposed to pick which of the parties was “better.” However, at both parties, everyone I met only wanted to communicate with me through Facebook. So ironic! Tie goes to the Hipsters.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday San Francisco

  1. I am practically speechless. The whole fiasco of not friending/then friending/but blocking co-workers really needs to wind up in Facebook lore. It all sounds like fodder for a speech at some convention for sociologists.

  2. I like the convenience of being able to do invites on FB, but it seems ruder to “friend” someone and then block them just for the sake of an invitation…


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