Bad Romance

You know how sometimes you’re in a relationship, and it’s totally stale, and you’re convinced it’s the other person’s fault, because you are vibrant, energetic and adventurous by nature and you could never be the one making things stale?

You tell yourself that if you could just get away from the person, you could start living up to your full potential and wear something other than sweatpants and the person’s old college t-shirt on Saturday nights.

That’s sort of how I felt about New York. Before I knew that I was getting relocated to San Francisco, I used to get choked up about how trapped I was, how I needed to live in another city or I was never going to grow as a person or be really alive.

So when the timing was right for the break-up, I bolted and didn’t look back. I talk incessantly about how San Francisco is “sooo much better” than New York (without ever elaborating on why.) I’m just sooo glad I left.

But this break-up story is like any other. The adrenaline rush you get from fleeing the barracks wanes. You realize that your life is your life, with or without the other person. At the exact moment you come to this conclusion, the other person suddenly becomes incredibly exciting. And all the things he/she would never agree to do with you, he/she is doing on his/her own–or with some other person who’s not you.

That is pretty much how I felt when my one of my oldest new New York friends, and Brooklyn-roommate, posted this twitpic of Lady Gaga walking down 5th Avenue. Lady Gaga strolling down the street sending a text! That would never happen in the Bay Area!

Then, I talked to my friend today and I found out she had sold her picture to the press! My friend (and former roommate) is now a member of the paparazzi, thanks to Lady Gaga and the fact that she lives in a city where a large quantity of famous people live.

I thought about it all day and was thisclose to begging New York to take me back. Then, on the BART ride home, some one got out of my way so I could get off before I even said “excuse me”, and three other people smiled at me.

Did I mention San Francisco is sooo much better than New York?


One thought on “Bad Romance

  1. Awesome Gaga pic! But those kind of moments are one in a million. And NY vs SF seems to me to be a bit like the difference between the boyfriend with a fabulous and flashy sports car and the one who still opens the car door for you, even after all these years. 🙂

    *Disclaimer – I've never been to NY but am a firm fan of SF…


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