You Spin Me Right

As I mentioned in a previous post, my boss has told me that if I want to be a successful writer, I should cut about 3/4 of what I write.

He’s right. Marketing–and all writing–is about shrinking a message and spitting it out fast. So, while it took me 8 months and 75,000 words to tell the story of my layoff and recovery, when Lydia at Writerquake parred it down to a hundred words, she made it sound way better.

Here’s what she wrote when she gave me and 9 other bloggers the “Eye Award.”

“The Wicked Witch of the Web – RB is one of my favorite writers. She makes me laugh the way medical experts say we should for good health (proof)…..and boy do I need to laugh like that. She lost a writing job in New York when the economy went crazy, and what did she do? Became a certified yoga instructor, certain that the career thing had tanked for her. But no. She recently landed a great job in her field and is being transferred from NY to San Francisco. And through it all she has written what I think are essays of pure gold. I cannot wait to follow along in this new phase of her life.”

Nevermind the blogging award. (Out of team solidarity, I’m committing to the many improvements I need to make in my writing.) Let’s focus on how awesome she makes my life sound. I may be the one who “landed a great job,” but she’s clearly the one with the marketing chops. I would let her spin my life, or anything else, any day.

That said, now that it’s all behind me, I can see that May 2010 is way better than May 2009. I’m not one for blog awards, but I would like note the following people who kept an “eye” on me and helped me out.

1) Katie Malachuk. Writer, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Cool Person. I’m a very lucky girl in that I experienced Katie in a variety of ways. She’s unique in that her many abilities are interwoven; in her all roles, she is truthful, sensible and full of life. She puts her strength and talent to great use in her two books: You’re Accepted, a guide for applying to college, and Earn It: A Stress-Free and Proven Approach to Getting into Top MBA Programs (out in August.)

2) Suzanne Guillette. Writer, Guru, Mix Master, friend. It was about a year ago that I reviewed Suzie’s book, Much to Your Chagrin: A Memoir of Embarrassment. I thought Suzie seemed like a very cool person (in her book), but I was lucky enough to learn that she is even cooler in real life. She can recommend a psychic, pick the best dance songs, charm waiters into giving you free dessert, make shopping for a shower curtain seem like fun or kindly let you know that you are spending far too much time text-messaging whatshisface. Personally, if I had a talk show (hint, hint) I would invite Suzie to be a guest on it. That’s how awesome Suzie is.

3) Anne Kostick. Publishing maven, mentor extraordinaire, expert at things you’ve never heard of. Anne was editor-in-chief at findingDulcinea and probably stood by me for every decision I’ve made in the past few years, even when I changed my mind every few months. I don’t know how free her mentoring schedule is, but you should check out her company, Foxpath IND for digital, print and web consulting.

4) Anna Goldstein. Life Coach, Yogini, Writer. I met Anna because we both frequently showed up to one of the toughest (and most awesome) classes at the Union Square YogaWorks. The day before I left for SF, I was freaking out and she jumped in to offer great advice and tools for self-discovery and assertion. Visit her website for advice, articles and contact info.

5) Kara Sekuler.Yoga teacher, super-woman. Kara was my teacher trainer in my YogaWorks 200 training. Not only was she integral to the most transformational experience of my life, but she also continues to support me in all my endeavors. Take yoga with Kara!

5) My brother. Could there there really be an awards ceremony without awarding my brother?


4 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right

  1. Rachel,
    First of all, congratulations to you! I agree wholeheartedly with Lydia: your essays are pure gold. And I, too, am so excited about this next phase of your life. Please keep us posted! Thank you for writing such lovely things–you really brightened my week. I'd bet you a bottle of agave that it was YOUR charm that earned us free dessert. And I almost spit out my coffee when I read that you thought the shower curtain shopping was fun. 🙂

  2. RB, I think you should have said, “..and stood by me for probably every decision…” instead of “…probably stood by me for every decision..” because of course I stood by you, but maybe not for every decision.

    That's my advice.


  3. RB, what a cool thing you turned the eye award into here at your blog. To acknowledge those fine people who have been instrumental in your progress as a human being (!) is really special. They all sound wonderful and I'll look at the links.

    I was so surprised when I read this post just now. Thank you for the shout out and compliments; they made me happy…
    (Am catching up with my blog-reading after being too down to visit for a couple weeks…a childhood friend committed suicide this month; so shocking and sad…and another reason why I loved the way you honored your friends in this post.)


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