The iPad: I’d TOTALLY hit that

I have the tendency to get really really excited about really random, not exciting things.

I remember once, when I was in college, my ex-boyfriend came back to visit. We were in the bookstore and I was drooling–over pens.

“It it weird,” I asked him, “That I get really, really, really excited about pens?”
“No!” he assured me. “It’s probably just because you haven’t gotten any in a while.”
“Excuse me?!” I snapped.
He smiled. “Pens! You haven’t gotten any new pens, in a while.”
“True,” I admitted. “I actually haven’t.”

Now, my love of pens happens to be genetic (thanks Mom, Dad–is it ok if I write this about you?), but I’ve continued to show disproportionate and erratic enthusiasm throughout my life.

I get excited about strands of music, lines in books, baking soda toothpaste, highly functional seat warmers in German cars..whatever.

I also get really excited about work. Even before I started this job, I knew it was going to take over my life. I thought that the transition would take more time, but by day three, I was making these amazing excel charts…and I was loving…as in truly loving it. I would highlight a little a chunk of cells and bam! They appeared in this beautiful chart. Stunning. I felt a rush, a surge of satisfaction. I wanted to dance! I felt like I could fly! Or just create more charts, if called upon to create more charts…

I dialed my dad. It was the moment that every dad waits for, the moment when his daughter phones him up (no BlackBerry messaging for an announcement this big!) after a 12-hour work day and in a voice that sounds like singing declares, “Daddy, I love Excel! I’ve never felt this way about any computer program! I mean..I really really really love it!”

So as you can imagine I wasn’t too disappointed when it turned out that I was going to have to spend most of Saturday tweeting about the release of the iPad. Even though for most of my life I haven’t been that into technology, I’ve accepted that I’m the token English and Philosophy major/Yoga dork at my technology company. Still, every single one of my friends burst out laughing when I told them about my weekend plans. (“Which word was it that confused you, ‘tweeting,’ ‘iPad’ or ‘Saturday?'”)

But I set about doing what I had to do. I dutifully sent my my tweets, but vowed, “I can keep the iPad at a distance. Just cause we’re in contact doesn’t mean we have to be close.” I followed on the Web, but I didn’t go near an Apple store.

Then, on Monday morning, I realized that I was lying to myself.

One of my co-workers offered to let me see his iPad. My face flushed. I started shaking. I was gasping. I was laughing. Then I thought I might actually cry. The only words I could get out were, “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.”

“What is wrong with you?” Someone demanded. “This is what women get like when they think someone is about to propose.” (Actually, I thought of it more as what I’d feel like when someone was showing me my first born child, but far be it for me to disabuse anyone of the notion that men are at the center of women’s universes.)

Either way, my efforts to keep my feeling out of the situation failed. The iPad is beautiful. I don’t care if technically it’s just a really expensive toy. (A toy that can’t even send an Excel spreadsheet, no less.) But Reason be damned! It’s a toy that makes me really, really, really excited.

MLB.Com on the iPad (yes, I also got excited about baseball.)


2 thoughts on “The iPad: I’d TOTALLY hit that

  1. If you want to hobnob with some other people who get excited about Excel (and will invest hours in helping you solve your Excel problems), check out Mr. Excel. And don't get me started on Excel VBA, which, if you work with Excel, is basically like suddenly seeing the green code of the Matrix streaming across your field of vision.


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