Top 10 Ways You Know that Yoga Changed Your Life

So..what can I say but: It’s over. Tomorrow, after 8 months of wandering, meandering, and waiting, I am returning to a real, grown-up job in my “field.” Behind me are exhausting interviews, contrived cover letters, and much agonizing over whether or not I could break into serious marketing or whether or not publishing was even an industry anymore. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that after all that, I got my job without applying for it, by total accident, at a time when I finally settled into my job at a yoga studio and was completely ready to leave my old life behind.

It’s a little strange that I’m going back to the world I thought I’d finally tossed aside for good. But I’d like to think that I’ve come along since that late night/early morning on the train when a stranger named Frank told me to forget everything else and turn inward. For example, just this morning, a friend, after hearing the story of how I’d resolved a recent conflict by employing the concept of lovingkindness, said, “I don’t like this new optimistic, caring RB. Yoga is having a bad influence on you.”

I agree that yoga has had a bad influence on me. For example, I’m so totally immersed in the present moment that I’ve completely forgotten to blog. Furthermore, I’m so busy bragging about how yoga changed my life that I’ve become the most egotistical person on the block.

But seriously, yoga isn’t supposed to be about counting up your zen accomplishments. In fact, as my quite-wise teacher Katie Malachuk explained this morning, the real Yoga is about paying attention and noticing. Yoga is when we shirk the stories we tell and re-focus on what’s happening, with precision and without judgment. Although I’m going back to a story-telling world, I’d like to think I’ll take a little of what I learned with me. So on that note, in honor of observing this liminal moment in my life, I have made this hybrid list of….

Top 10 Ways You Know Yoga Has Changed Your Life

10) The Baristas at the Starbucks near your work frequently give you free coffee because “you’re the friendliest person that comes in here.”

9) When you burst into tears during a preview for the upcoming romantic comedy, “Letters to Juliet,” you feel a glow of pride about all those hip and chest-openers you’ve been doing, and completely forget to blame your parents, Evan, David, Jason, Andrew, Adam, Eric, Mike, Dan, Mike, Will, James or Tiger Woods for making you bitter and disillusioned.

8) You’ve finally come to accept the fact that you’re 5’12” and are not afraid to blog about it.

7) At least once a day, someone tells you how incredibly “sweet” you are. After you explain this to a blind date, he asks you how people used to describe you. There is a 30-second awkward silence in the conversation while you struggle to remember the word, “snarky.”

6) Whenever you are about to explain how much you hate someone, you preface it with, “I know this is not a very Yogic thing to say.”

5) When a guy from your yoga class offers to stick around sometime and see if he can help you with your handstand woes, you immediately begin fantasizing about the possibility that he is The One….Who Can Teach You To Kick Happily Ever After into Handstand.

4) You no longer suffer from “insomnia;” you’ve just done a lot of back-bends recently that prevent you from going to sleep.

3) You consider the fact that you can never find your keys (cell-phone, iPod, watch) a sign that you’ve mastered the principle of non-attachment.

2) “Life is about the journey,” is no longer just a bullshit phrase you drunkenly stammered out while giving a toast at your dad’s wedding. It’s now a habitual phrase you unwaveringly assert to anyone who is having any kind of problem.

1) You’re returning to a job in publishing, and you’re totally optimistic about it.


9 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways You Know that Yoga Changed Your Life

  1. Congratulations RB on the new job. I think. Right? It's a good thing, yeah? If so, awesome!

    Love your list. Regarding #3, I'm thinking the following also qualifies in this criteria: Locking oneself out of the house, returning home and realising that fact, using your mobile's (cell phone) internet access to book some time in one's Flexicar service, drive an hour into a part of town you've never been before, realising a) your mobile battery has just died; and b) your friend gave you the WRONG street number, trying for half an hour to find the correct house in a street that has NO street lights before a kindly stranger works out they have a phone charger that works with your phone and you can finally ring your friend, find the right house and get the spare set of house keys… all without getting angry (although sure, there might've been a small panic attack in there somewhere).

    Yeah. I did that.

    Heh. Yoga changes your life, and then hopefully you keep changing too, right? Coz life sure doesn't seem to stay the same for too long.

    Best wishes with your new job 🙂

  2. Congrats on the job.

    I think a number of my friends think I've gone totally around the bend with the yoga thing (or “yoga jihad”)…but, then, I suspect they don't really mind that I'm happier and healthier, either…

  3. Well, you should be totally optimistic about it…all 5'12″ of you and the peaceful embers that stoke your inner fire. Congratulations on the new job, which will be unlike any work experience you've ever had before because you are the creator of this amazing list. Best wishes, RB!


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