The #1 Reason It’s Great to be Over-Educated and Underemployed

I was telling someone yesterday that when I was not working full-time and faced the ever-awkward “what do you do?” question, I often tried to embrace it humorously by saying things like, “I’m a member of the laid-off journalist club! Living the zeitgeist everyday!”

I tried to write about unemployment, explore its implications and use it as fodder for adventure. I employed radical affirmation as best as I could, shamelessly writing articles like “I Lost My Job! And the World Is a Better Place for it!” . I found 10 reasons why being laid-off made me a better citizen, and the funny thing is, while I wrote it to be ironic, now that I’m re-employed, I feel that I’m either still embodying those qualities, or wish I was. (I just offered free babysitting to someone recently, forgetting that I actually don’t have any more free time.)

Basically, my strategy when life gets get grim is to pretend that it’s actually a movie happening to someone else. So I am excited to report that my layoff story has the perfect ending: It landed me on Campbell Brown’s blog on!

Well, to be more specific, a talented Columbia Journalism School student, Vinnie Rotondaro, interviewed me for an article and landed himself on Vinne is the younger brother of one of my favorite writers/bloggers/people of all time, Ms. CaraMcDuna. I assumed that like my little brother, he would be at least 1/3 as cool as his awesome big sister. I wasn’t disappointed. He won points by texting to let me know he was running late (I always run late), approving of my favorite coffee place, and letting me talk about myself for about an hour straight.

In writing, he also won points with this highly-intelligent (if mildly amusing for yours truly) article about the plethora of highly-educated but underemployed young people in America. He explores the ramifications for the country’s economy at-large, and some of sociological causes and effects.

Check it out on Campbell Brown’s blog. Then share it and social meditiatize it to death, so Vinnie can become famous, and my favorite philosophy professor can find out what I really think about metaphysics.


6 thoughts on “The #1 Reason It’s Great to be Over-Educated and Underemployed

  1. O, this is so cool! That's just great, although I don't right now know how great because I haven't clicked the link but that's what I'm going to do. right. now.
    Congrats! ok I'm clicking. now


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