New Year’s Eve with Jeremy Piven, Pierce Brosnan and Carmen Electra

I was having lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while last week and he said, “I have to say, I really liked your blog when you blogged about your brother, and then he’d come on and blog for you.”

So, in case anyone wants to know what my brother was doing on New Year’s Eve, he was partying with Carmen Electra for the Fox News special in Las Vegas. Like Carmen, my brother had an awesome time, and apparently appeared on Fox News. I have no further details other than he didn’t go bed until 9am, and still hadn’t showered when I met him the next day to board a plane from LA to Maui, Hawaii, where we joined our dad and step-mom, who also spent New Year’s Eve with famous people.

In fact my step-mom was triple-lucky and spent her New Year’s eve on Kauai with Pierce Brosnan, Jeremy Piven, and my dad. Sources say Pierce is a friendly guy who drives around the island in an F150 packed with surf boards. He seemed happy and was extremely handsome.

However, it is suspected that Jeremy Piven spent New Year’s Eve on a blind date. He went out to dinner (at the same restaurant and my dad and step-mom) with a woman he appeared not to know at all, and showed up at a bar (the same one as my dad and step-mom) with another woman soon after.

My step-mom decided to approach Piven and ask him what his New Year’s resolutions were. He snapped back, “Why would I tell you what my resolutions were?”

She says that when she asked, she had no idea that he had a reputation as a complete and total asshole. That is something similar to what she said when she suddenly found herself a member of our family.

My own brush with Fame happened on the airplane from LA to Hawaii, when the in-flight movie was Fame. I am not ashamed to admit that I thought it was great. For those who don’t care what I think–my brother thought it was pretty ok.


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve with Jeremy Piven, Pierce Brosnan and Carmen Electra

  1. I think I saw maybe ten minutes of one episode of entourage, before realizing that the characters on it are everything I hate and turning it off…looks like playing one of those characters isn't much of a stretch for one of the actors…

  2. Jeremy Piven strikes me as a total asshole just looking at him. I'm not surprised he said that.

    I've been wanting to see that new Fame movie…now I have some reason to add it to my netflix queue.

  3. I spent New Years in Las Vegas last year and it remains of my life's regrets. OK, not really but my ability to maintain frat boy levels of energy ended long before I ever stepped into that disaster.

    My closest brush with fame this year was my friend telling me Leighton Meester was in Miami while I was in bed in Palm Beach at 1am–but I still think you have me beat. Party on.


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