Hear Today: ArpLine

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving around Williamsburg with my friend and his 5-year-old daughter. They tried to introduce me to one of the greatest songs of all time, “C is for Cookie.”

Because we were beneath the BQE on Meeker avenue, and because the person trying to cross the street had on a stupid hat and sunglasses even though it was raining, I felt it was appropriate to roll my eyes and groan, “whatever. I was listening to ‘C is for cookie’ 20 years ago..on vinyl” while silently celebrating: “Yes. Yes. Yes. I finally sound like a hipster!”

In reality, listening to the Sesame Street album, which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic, reminded me that even though I will never be able to pull off skinny jeans and rarely remember my sunglasses even when the sun is out, discovering new music is still a valuable activity. (For example, while listening to the Sesame Street album, I discovered, Kermit the Frog, singing “This Frog” based on “My Way,” a brilliant and inspiring tune that I’d never heard in my youth)

Soon after, by accident, I stumbled upon KEXP.org, a Seattle based radio station that plays a lot of music that is in the same caliber as muppet music but kind of different genre. Featuring mostly independent artists, KEXP, like Sesame Street, is an “innovative cultural force.”

Last week, KEXP had a band from Brooklyn in the studio that is so independent that they don’t even have a label yet. (Yes! I really finally sound like a hipster!!) It is called ArpLine, and you can hear a lot of different influences in the music, (the usual cocktail of Joy Division, Arcade Fire, with a hint of Animal Collective, etc.) but the the sound is a little bit more raw. They don’t define their genre on their myspace page but they are catchy (and not in the way that Jordan Sparks is catchy but I have to pretend she’s not to save face.)

So. Take one step at a time. Visit ArpLine online, or listen here. This their song, “Rope.”



2 thoughts on “Hear Today: ArpLine

  1. Hi–I found your blog via some googling and I'm wondering if you practice Anusara in Brooklyn. I'll be there next week and the week after, but the only Anusara studio I know about is Virayoga in Manhattan. I'll be staying in Fort Greene–is there anywhere near there?

    Thank you! Namaste.


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