The Brilliance of Blackberry

I’ve started to think that my new BlackBerry Tour is a divine oracle. Either that, or just the only piece of fancy technology I can learn to love. But seriously, I have been known in the past to think that electronics are speaking to me. For example, I frequently put my iPod on shuffle and wait for messages from Apple about what my day holds in store, or what so-and-so thinks about me. It pretty much is guaranteed to be totally meaningless and more confusing. Plus you end up listening to songs you don’t even want to hear because you’re waiting for some lyric to be the secret answer to all your problems.

However, I did get a pretty hilarious message from BlackBerry the other day, that I felt quite comfortable taking to heart. Apparently, when someone else’s BlackBerry receives an email for your BlackBerry, you get a return receipt.

Now, I was minding my own business, driving my car through Lefferts Garden and thinking it’d be a good idea to start sending emails to the staff of coaches I worked with at College Summit the weekend before. The minute I hit “send” I regretted it. My email was informal, short, silly and alhtough I’d intended to inform my co-teachers about some forms they needed, I ended up just talking about my ADD, possibly crashing the car, and signing the email, “xo.” So unprofessional.

But the friend that I’d just picked up assured me my anxiety was unfounded. And I believed him until I got this message from one of the coaches, or rather, from her BlackBerry:

Note: This Return Receipt only acknowledges that the message was received by the server. There is no guarantee that the content has been read or understood.

It was brilliant. Not just no guarantees that the person read it, but no guarantees that the person understood it. If only all communication in life came with a similar caveat. For all of us that immediately question the clarity and validity of our emails, phone conversations and non-verbal cues, this was the best, most consistent affirmation available. Take that, iPhone.


3 thoughts on “The Brilliance of Blackberry

  1. “I frequently put my iPod on shuffle and wait for messages from Apple about what my day holds in store…”

    That reminds me of how, twenty or so years ago, I'd see the Grateful Dead and they'd play certain songs at certain points in the show to send me messages about how to deal with certain situations in my life…at least it sure seemed that way at the time…

  2. I love it when i get that message for just that reason. Not only may they not have read it, they might not have understood it to boot!

    And the ipod shuffle mechanism is anything but random…there's some sort of hidden meaning there for sure.


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