360 Degrees of the Crisis in Iran

[click to read: Iranian Elections Spur Protests, Violence and Confusion About the Future]

Yesterday, someone’s Facebook status was, “obsessed with following the crisis in Iran.” Personally, I’m obsessed with cinnamon apple herbal tea, converse sneakers and other people’s away message. But I feel like “obsessed” with Iran is a little too…I don’t know: Web 2.0?

I recognize that I’m being nitpicky over a semantic issue. (and pretentious. yes, I recognize that, too.) If you’re reading every news story that pops up about the protests there, you are indeed “obsessed” and probably highly knowledgeable. But through my rigorous training over the past 2.5 years at findingDulcinea, any mention of an important topic without a link strikes me as lacking in some way. In a 2008 piece, “Why I Blog” Andrew Sullivan says blogging is indeed “superficial.” We only get depth when we get hyperlink.

I agree. We sacrifice a great deal by surrendering all communication to the Web. But the hidden benefit is that while our interaction, reflection and refinement is patchy, our ability to transfer hard facts is essentially limitless. But sometimes I get the feeling that the hype around current events issues is a little bit superficial.

Or maybe I’m just projecting. Either way, I knew that I wanted more information about Iran. I wanted a textured picture. Background information. Profiles of key players. Differnent viewpoints. So I did the research. The result is what I hoped would be a totally comprehensive picture of Iran, but I’ll only advertise it as “A deeper look at Iran” or “13 Awesome Articles About Iran In One Place.” Read it and decide!


2 thoughts on “360 Degrees of the Crisis in Iran

  1. I think I know what you mean. That kind of status message is exactly that: a status message. Its whole purpose is to say more about the person stating it than to communicate any idea it happens to contain. There are obviously exceptions to that, but still…

    And I really like “a little too… Web 2.0?”

  2. I dunno…I tend to find that, in most web articles, links lead to simply more superficial crap…and worse, sometimes, hyperlinks for “Iran” and “elections” that I think will lead me to information about the current Iranian elections will instead lead me to the Wikipedia article about Iran and a dictionary definition of “elections.” But, I trust your links will be more fulfilling than that….


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