Kim Gordon: Middle-Aged Riot

Kim Gordon has done two great things. 1) Started a clothing line. 2) Helped me to see my lack of identity or direction as good thing.

Below, a video interview with Kim on

What’s great is that she says she doesn’t think of herself as a person with a great sense of style, or as musician. Yes, that’s right. Nobody puts Kim Gordon in a box. I began to see my lack of identity as a good thing. Perhaps I, too, could do many things, deny that I specialize in area, and still be successful enough to get written up in Stereogum when I’m middle-aged.

In fact, I was feeling really great about my identity crisis until I felt so great I decided I wanted to hear “Teenage Riot.” Now, when the iPod got destroyed, someone asked me if I lost any music.

“I think the just the Supremes song, ‘I hear a symphony‘ I stole off the ex-Sig Oth-no longer-Good Friend’s roommate‘s computer,” I’d thought out loud. “Guess I won’t be hearing any more symphonies. But I think we knew that already.” Alas, it turned out that entirety of “Daydream Nation” had also been swiped from aforementioned roommate, and only existed on the drowned, baked, burnt iPod.

There’s only so much identity crisis one person can take, so…. I think it’s time to buy a new iPod.


One thought on “Kim Gordon: Middle-Aged Riot

  1. “Does this sound simple? Fuck you! Are you for sale? Does fuck you sound simple enough? That was the only part that turned me on, but he was candy all over…”

    Don't know what I'd do without Daydream Nation…currently on my ipod, as usual…Kim Gordon rules in the truest sense of the rock-boy 70's slang term…


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