BBQ Safety Guide: And isn’t it ironic?

My editor thinks that because I’m a vegetarian the fact that I wrote this on Friday is really really ironic.

Summer’s here, and that means you can wear white with reckless abandon and start cooking all your meals outside—or at least indulge in a few barbecues. But when you start lighting a fire in your backyard and spending quality time with slabs of raw meat, you need to be cautious. Here are some tips for a safe and fun summer of grilling.

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I actually don’t think it’s that ironic. Just because I’m not going to eat a hamburger doesn’t mean I want the house to burn down because you get drunk and decide it’d be hilarious to quirt lighter fluid into a lit fire. (Tip #3: Don’t ever squirt lighter fluid into flames.)

The fact that I’m choosing to avoid the irony of this particular situation coincided with another conversation, in which it was subtly suggested to me that “ironic sense of humor” was not always an effective method of communication. Shocking, I know! But sarcasm aside: she has a point. So in celebration of your totally safe, salmonella free hamburger that doesn’t give you any third degree burns this Memorial Day, I am beginning a Irony Free Week. Try to contain your excitement…


2 thoughts on “BBQ Safety Guide: And isn’t it ironic?

  1. I don’t find it particularly ironic…then, it’s certainly more ironic than anything in the now-legendary song that informed the world of Alannis Morissette’s lack of understanding of the concept of “irony.”

    Then, that’s kinda going around these days. My least successful blog post was one that I presented as a guest post by someone called Bernie the Enlightened Yoga Master, who was basically the ignorant, macho, egotistical, sexist, drill-instructor yoga teacher from hell. I wondered if it was too far over the top and ridiculous…until I started getting comments from people who thought he was real, and I’d actually given him space on my blog…..

  2. Not to be too much of a downer, but that saftey tip of yours cannot be overstated. I actually know a guy who's father died from squirting lighter fluid onto a lit BBQ. The flames ran up the stream and blew up the bottle right in his face.


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