The Eve of Destruction and an Appropriately Sized Cockroach

Yesterday, I wrote about the pope’s visit to Israel, which has been inevitably controversial. If you can’t please all the people all the time, you can’t really please the Israelis and Palestinians, um, ever. Or, “Opinions differ as to whether he is fostering peace or creating fresh conflict.”

When eternal conflict is on my mind, I always think of the Barry McGuire song, “Eve of Destruction.” It’s kind of a “bummer” that a song that was written so long ago is still totally applicable today.

Also a bummer was the fact that, as a reminder of what will happen if the world is completely nuked to pieces, a giant cockroach (I’m talking like 4 inches long at least, sans antenas,, which were also 4 inches) came to my kitchen last night. Yes, he will own my kitchen after the whole world blows up.

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “The Eve of Destruction and an Appropriately Sized Cockroach

  1. Then, in some ways we’re less on the eve of destruction than we were when I was in high school, or back in the mid-60’s when “Eve of Destruction” was written–there’s a lot more chance of somebody setting off a suitcase-sized nuclear “dirty bomb” in the middle of DC or NYC…which is certainly scary, but a lot less chance of all out thermonuclear war wiping out all life on earth….

    I actually had a giant cockroach in my bathtub a couple days ago–like the size of a small mouse…urrrgghhhh…

    Of course, as they say, two living things will actually survive a nuclear winter: cockroaches and Keith Richards…

  2. Cockroaches. When will they ever learn? We don’t like them and the traces of stuff they carry in with them. They don’t like how we slaughter them on sight. It’s just never going to work between us.


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