N.H Governor Gets More Time to Debate Gay Marriage

If the state legislature has its way, New Hampshire will become the 5th New England state to allow gay marriage. It feels truly profound for me to cover these stories; I remember in high school, when I was head of the Gay and Straight Partnership (GASP) we were dealing with things like hate crimes, and calling homophobia “the last accepted prejudice.”

Today, when I was leaving work, I was thinking about how everyone is waiting for N.H Governor John Lynch to sign the law, veto the law, or hang around and do nothing so that it becomes a law. He’s in a bind, because he said he was against gay marriage, but now he probably feels awkward about handing it to the congress like that. From the article:

“Lynch is known to be opposed to gay marriage, and has stated in the past that civil unions should be sufficient. However, he has made no comment about what he will do since the law passed in the legislature last week. In a statement to the press, Lynch promised to discuss the law with legislature and his constituents. Although Democrats assert that most people support gay marriage, opponents to gay marriage are urging Lynch to stand by his earlier statements.

A columnist for the Boston Herald suggests that if Lynch decided to simply do nothing, the law would pass and he might avoid taking a strong stance for either side. In the meantime, Lynch is being bombarded by advocates on both sides.”

This kind of stuck with me. He’s actually being bombarded from both sides. I think we’ve all taken for granted that some people are anti-gay marriage, some people are for it, some people hate gay people, some people don’t care. And maybe I’m the village idiot here, but I was leaving work today and I just thought: Why?

In light of everything else that’s going on in the world, is gay marriage really that much a threat to anyone? Seriously, who cares? Does anyone lobbying the governor to vote against the bill really think it’s going to hurt them in some way, or make institution of marriage anymore fragile than it already is?

I know that I’m being naive, myopic and shortsighted. But sometimes, you just have to tell whomever’s pissing you to off to go get a life. Vent over. Thanks for playing.


3 thoughts on “N.H Governor Gets More Time to Debate Gay Marriage

  1. I remember (vaguely, so I’m gonna misquote it badly, but hopefully holding to the spirit of the thing) something Jon Stewart said when the gay marriage thing first exploded in 2004 or so. It was along the lines of: “Have you heard about this? Apparently they’re going to force everybody to marry people of the same sex! Oh…wait a second…it’s just gay people wanting to marry each other? Then who the fuck cares?”

    I don’t know when or where you were in high school, but I can’t imagine a GASP type organization in my high school–where “gay” and “faggot” were simply the standard insults, and even teachers thought nothing of casually making homophobic jokes…this in a time and place when almost everybody enthusiastically supported a president who completely ignored the AIDS epidemic…the legendary Ronald Reagan…. All in all, it’s amazing things have changed so fast, if still not fast enough….

  2. I find it peculiarly twisted that his last name is Lynch…
    This was such a thoughtful post and I enjoyed YogaforCynics’ comments too. I was in high school way before that and the topic wasn’t even whispered…
    And may Ronald Reagan be remembered by history for exactly what Yoga mentioned. I couldn’t believe it then and am still aghast.

    word verification: ballsess

  3. No one’s faith should govern the lives of others. No one’s. It’s really just that simple. If god is upset that same sex marriage is happening, write a letter to god, not to your representative.


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