Money Can Buy You Love

After writing here, and for the findingDulcinea blog, that you shouldn’t panic about Swine flu, the first thing I did on Saturday morning was head to Whole Foods for all-natural hand sanitzer. It occurred to me I spend a lot of time advising people to do things (not panic, take accountability, radically affirm insects, tell your own story) that I don’t exactly excel at. (My dad always used to say to me growing up, “do I say, not as I do.”)

Another thing I write about frequently is money advice, beauty advice, and fashion advice. Well. I am bad at math. I just learned how to apply make-up last week, and most of my clothing is stolen from my mother, aunts, step-mother and in some cases, my brother. (His items are actually quite popular.)

So on my latest money spending endeavor, I decide to turn to readers: Today, we published my magnum opus: Things You Can’t Live Without During the Recession: Readers Choice. More TK!


One thought on “Money Can Buy You Love

  1. my entire post today is a swine flu joke. but yes: I have been washing my hands 3-4 more, and probably needless, times than usual each day. I guess it’s because sometimes jokes come true.


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