The Absolute Best of The Web

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The Internet is a beautiful thing, for two reasons:

1) For many years, I thought I’d never find anyone who understood me. But then, I found this cartoon. The cartoon both understood me and gave me hope for the future. I realized that there were so many things out there for me to believe in. Like coffee, sarcasm and pee. Lots of pee.

2) The Internet helps you join good causes, like the “Get Dulcinea’s Newsletter Subscription Up” Cause.

You see, as many of you know, when findingDulcinea started, our goal was to take down Google. People said we couldn’t do it, but in just over two years, we succeeded.

Now that we own Google, we’re looking for a bigger challenge. We’d like to get 1,000 new subscribers to our daily and weekly email newsletters:

* Daily “On This Day”[In History] or “Happy Birthday” biography emails.
* Weekly Travel e-mails featuring a virtual tour of an under-the-radar vacation destination.
* Weekly Education e-mail
* Weekly “Sweet Sites” e-mail, a list of Web sites that will aid your research, up your Internet savvy and expand your mind

Sign up here, now.

Helping us meet our goal should be reason enough for you to sign up for one or all of these newsletters. But if you need more incentive, we’ve created a list of Reasons to Sign Up for Our Newsletter/s:

1) Our “On This Day” and Happy Birthday e-mails are guaranteed to tell you the correct date, every day

2) There’s no point to that new Smartphone if no one is e-mailing you, right? We’ll e-mail you. We promise.

3) We are more consistent /less demanding than the boy/girl/client/gig you wish was e-mailing you.

4) Getting our travel newsletter is like traveling, except you can bring more than 3 fluid oz with you when you read it.

5) Our weekly “Sweet Sites” is e-mail is not as bad for your teeth as other sweets. Nor will get your keyboard sticky when you Web surf.

6) If you lie and say you found one of our Sweet Sites yourself, we’ll never find out.

7) Visit our Religion and Spirituality Guide [] to deal with the guilt you’ll feel about stealing credit for our awesome work.


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