Yes We Can: Find 5 Things To Spend Money On

The whole, “Just keep buying stuff” seemed to help us get out of the post 9-11 Economic slump, but this time around, it seems a tad harder to convince people that they don’t need to be hoarding their cash. Personally, I always was a fan of hoarding cash, so brainstorming for my feature, “5 Things Worth Spending Money On” involved a lot of thinking outside the box. (Wait…you mean “my mother’s closet” isn’t the only store in Manhattan?)

But it turns out that taking care of yourself during tough times is as important, if not more important than it was when everyone wasn’t freaking-the-Hell-out. If we learned one thing when Obama was campaigning, is that nothing sells like energy, enthusiasm and activism. But, “Inevitably, 2008’s battle cry of “Yes, We Can!” has faded into “But How and When?” Giddy enthusiasm has become disgruntled apprehension as the financial crisis drags on…” Good news. The answer is as easy as buying a Chanel suit at a steep discount. Kind of. The full article also recommends keeping your health insurance, your smartphone, and trying to avoid food that’s really heavy in pesticides. Not so bad, right?

I’m not suggesting over-exertion, but apply the right amount of effort to yield a positive result. It actually relates to something I realized in yoga on Saturday. My teacher told us to use muscular energy as a way of achieving a connection. All the while I was kind of thinking muscular energy just meant pushing harder, to the point of strain. Strength is good, but too much alleged-strenght can create a disconnect. When we apply things correctly–strength, our money, whatever, we get stronger. When we apply to much of something…we’re basically AIG.


3 thoughts on “Yes We Can: Find 5 Things To Spend Money On

  1. I’ve tried to subscribe to the “just keep buying stuff” initiative for 2009. But there’s a lot of guilt at the bottom of the receipts…

  2. There is a lot of guilt about buying things when so many cannot. The fact that I’m going on vacation in a month is a big source of guilt for me lately. But I do what I can. And I’m all about discounts (which is how we can afford the vacation in the first place). So I’ll continue to take advantage…


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