Hear At Last: Blitzen Trapper-Furr (and 4 songs about animals)

I’m so proud that my decision to post a song on my blog mid-week worked for exactly two weeks in a row. I think this week I had been listening to this song, Blitzen Trapper’s Furr on repeat so much that suddenly on Wednesday I was pretty much ready to cough up a Furr hairball. But by Thursday, the song was totally relevant again.

I’m pretty sure this song is about animals, and Thursday was a big day for my animals as my feature, “5 Animals We Need To Survive” exploded as big hit on Stumble Upon, and was even picked up by Animal Planet’s twitter account. (“Omg guys! Animal Planet TOTALLY retweeted me!!!) Of course, although this feature’s success was certainly partially due to some dynamo SEO-ing (As Mark said, “people love animals, people love lists and people love surviving.”) But I like to think there’s something else at work here, as explained in my FD blog entry, Stung by The Facts:

“For a while there, it seemed like every time I turned on the news, someone was talking about cutting the pork. A lot of people were quite worked up over projects in the budget that seemed unnecessary. So it caught my attention when I learned that England has recently allotted $9 million to funding an initiative to revive the bee population. It turns out that something called Colony Collapse Disorder is causing bees to die off in record numbers. OK, I thought. What does this mean? Fewer kids get stung, and Honey Combs cereal has to change its name to High-Fructose Corn Syrup Combs (which is more truthful anyway). Who cares? But as I read on, I learned that bees help to produce one-third of the food we eat through pollination. Basically, without bees, we’d be very hungry.

Something about doing the feature made me optimistic that people will actually start to realize that aiding animals and the environment is not “pork.” In fact, I think that the whole meltdown is cause not only creativity, but also a renewed identification with nature. Why did I start thinking this? So many songs about animals lately!! It’s because now that there’s no prospect of getting rich, people are doubting the value of social convention. Seriously. Ask Hobbes. Or any of these songs. Here’s the follow up list:

5 New Songs With An Animal Theme:

1. Blizten Trapper-Furr
“I still dream of running careless through the snow.”
2. Glass Candy-Animal Imagination
“Minds are used to pray, the archictect creates new structures”
3. The Antlers-Bear
“We’re too old..we’re not old at all.”
4. Mike Snow-Animal
“Are we free or are we tied up?”
5. Soft Black- I am an Animal
“…With you.”


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