Coping with The Recession-Depression

As my dear friend explained to me today, it CNN’s job to make people panic. So, basically, when CNN and other media outlets debate whether the recession is a depression or a downturn or just repeat the word “recession” over and over, they produce a depression–in you. I guess this is a good thing for them, because probably being sad makes people addicted to CNN. After all, if I weren’t totally terrified, I never watch CNN. The jerks have me totally convinced that whatever they are saying is going to help me survive–and I say ‘jerks’ because before they could do that, they had to convince me that my chances of survival were slim to begin with.

Now, given that I apparently work in media, it seems slightly hypocritical for me to be accusing the media of perpetuating the recession. But the truth is, I’m more in the find ways not to be depressed despite the recession camp.

Some great advice I found in a Forbes article, “pause, not panic.” Now, more than anything in life, I love to panic. However, it seems that when everyone else is panicking, the best thing you can do is be different. (Being different, aka, “weird” is my second favorite thing after panicking.) Basically, a little bit of worry is necessary, and inevitable. But in most cases whatever’s going to happen is going to happen regardless of how much you worry.

So…figure out a Way to Keep Working. Because: “There are numerous ways to cope when your mood plummets alongside the economy, no matter how mild or severe your condition.” [click for full article]

Believe me, if I, queen of dooma and gloom, think it’s possible to smile, then it is basically guaranteed. (Which is great, because NOTHING else in this disaster economy, country, world is guaranteed right now!!!!!…..panic in 1…2…..3)


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