Hear Today: The Terence Blanchard Quintet/SXSW

(image courtesy johnrogersnyc.com)

Today, we re-published one of my favorite features of all time, 5 Essential Jazz Trumpet Solos. Writing this feature involved a lot of fury, frustration and loathing, which given my heavily binary-prone nature lead to me to be a) in love with the feature and b) kind of into Jazz. My favorite song from the feature is still Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage (a poetically fitting choice my venture into a new genre). But my pick of the week is streamable, and downloadable from NPR.org, The Terence Blanchard Quintet Live at the Village Vanguard.

My co-worker and “teammate” who actually is a jazz buff, sent me an reminsicent piece on the Village Vanguard and confirmed that this concert is remarkably smooth. But over this impeccable foundation is laid a tapestry of compelling variety, in my non-professional opinion. (Simpering and overwrought attempts at music criticism aside: I loved it.)

However, if you are indie rock junkie to the core, NPR has something for you, too: The Austin 100: A SXSW Mix. Stream 100 of NPR’s favorite songs from the festival. (That Was Easy.)

For everyone who has been tagging Twitter posts, #sxswjealous, this Bud’s for you.


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