10 Sites That Will Matter In 2009

Today, MSN featured 10 Sites that Will Matter in 2009. Guess who is Number one?? No, not Twitter. Not the Wicked Witch of the Web….yes! findingDulcinea.

Here is an excerpt:

“I like this site because I often happen upon interesting random news stories and wish that I knew more about the big picture they fit in. The Web Guides section provides the same sort of deep background on broader issues like “The U.S. Economy.”

Not the next Facebook, but the site operators will eventually be rewarded with a midsize Web audience of news addicts. FindingDulcinea has clear value as a teaching aid for kids, too. And gratuitous allusions to Don Quixote are all too rare on the Internet.”

Some thoughts:

1. Thank God we’re not the Facebook. First of all, Twitter is kicking Facebook butt. Second of all, Facebook changed the home page and it stinks. Third of all, Facebook can now be used to file court papers. We will NEVER serve you with Court papers.
2. Kudo to author Mark Sullivan for using the word gratuitous. What a great word. I think I love you.
3. I’d like to try and relate this post to Yoga, but I can’t. That would require way too much mental dexterity, flexibility and manipulation. As a I learned in the last day of immersion, if you’re not flexible, sometimes, you just to have buckle down and admit. On Saturday, as my teachers loaded me up with blankets, blocks and insisted that I not even try to do full poses with the rest of the class. Basically, I had to face my Biggest Fear in the World: not being the best, or even close. Suprisingly, although it was painful, (emotionally and mentally) I think I learned something. Sometimes, you just to have admit that you can’t. And…I can’t relate this post to Yoga.**

**This is the definition of Dramatic Irony, FYI


2 thoughts on “10 Sites That Will Matter In 2009

  1. Hey RB, clue me in here. Are you associated with Dulcinea? What’s the deal?I hadn’t heard of it, so followed your link and am I ever impressed! I like it lots. I’m staying away from Twitter (see your previous post about Internet addiction…..) and find Facebook a strange place, in part because I have that under my first name and my blog is more anon under my middle name. I feel schizo!Left a reply to your message at my blog relating to design change…

  2. Just read (and replied to) your comment at my blog and wanted to jump back to say CONGRATS on being one of the “10 Sites That Will Matter in 2009.” That is huge recognition and simply super!


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