Hear Today: LoveLikeFire-William

Hear more today and every day at LoveLikeFire’s MySpace Page.

A few months ago, I was sitting with my mom at very “we-are-hip-and-cool” coffee shop and she loved the music they were playing. Cheerfully, I marched up to the hipster behind the counter to ask what the band was. It was the Decemberists.

Ouch. As if I needed any more confirmation that listening exclusively to Dire Straights and 4 Led Zeppelin songs (plus Journey on runs and at a Frat parties) in college was a bad idea. I had stumbled into my mid-20s and I was totally clueless. Even though I had that fortune cookie taped to my FiloFax saying, “Your Love of Music Will Be an Important Part of Your Life,” my taste was as outdated as the idea of paper day planner. My greatest claim to fame was the findingDulcinea Music Guide, an assignment tactfully delegated to me because “the person who really knew about music” was too busy.

So I’ve been trying to branch out. And in effort to share what I find…I am going the way of all the other bloggers trying to accumulate readers, and giving my Efforts an Official Name: “Hear Today.” So I hope you like LoveLikeFire. (The band..and in life…because you know..if you feel burning…you’ve either fallen asleep next to the radiator or your soulmate.)


3 thoughts on “Hear Today: LoveLikeFire-William

  1. Music is fabulous. I often end up feeling out of the loop because I’ll find a band or 2 that I like and focus on them for what seems like years, and then I miss out on the new fads.The bright side…? I always have something new to hear 😀

  2. Due to no error on your part, the music guide is one of dozens that I wish would one day magically be updated to reflect the changing circumstances of the sites, the music industry, people’s overzealousness to create illegal startups and hope the Web Sheriff doesn’t notice them, and so on. If only we human-powered humans had more algorithm in our blood.


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