Vampire Weekend VS Miike Snow – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

A while back I wrote about how on my dreaded 25th birthday/divorced family reunion, I discovered the song, “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance.” About half a year later, when my parents had started their double dating career, I heard a remix of the song.

Having aspired 4 years ago to write a play which would thematically demonstrate how remixing of song beat could represent growth, independence and regeneration in a family, (and then realizing you shouldn’t write plays that are “about” themes) I thought the timing was just too perfect.

And this morning I was greeted by some more perfect timing. Another remix, with Miike Snow. Last night, I attended I attended a reading of a screenplay and in talking to the writer after, discovered we both HEART divorce. He’s actually writing a book about it and I told him, enthusiastically, that he should definitely interview my parents. Somewhere hovering near me was my meta-self, watching my genuine enthusiasm, punching grumpily into a calculator how many years of my life I had wasted bemoaning my status as a scarred child of divorce. (Admit it, though, it has a nice ring.)

She laments: “All those years that our spirits were totally tanking, we were totally ignoring it! We were listening to George Bush tell us our foundation was strong, and we were giving mortgage loans to all these sub-prime emotions that didn’t even deserve them!! We thought, hey, I’m a teenager in America. I’m majoring in Philosophy. I’ve read Sartre in the original french! I can totally short sell more misery than I actually have and be FINE.”

But my meta-friend can calm down. Unlike newspapers, who have borrowed money they can’t repay and are going bankrupt, all the years I wasted thinking divorce was a bad thing can easily be erased.

How do I know? The RCRD LBL MP3 of the day this morning was IN MY INBOX another remix of the Kids Don’t Stand a Chance. And everyone knows that the spam newsletters you sign up for you are secret signs from the Universe.


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