Happy Birthday Steve Jobs-NOT

Let me start off this post by saying: I know it’s wrong to say bad things about people who have cancer. Or rapid weight loss as a result of cancer. Or whatever this jerk has. The bottom line is, I don’t want to speak ill of the ill, but I don’t think Steve Jobs should be celebrating his birthday if my Mac Book is this much of a piece of s&*T.

First of all, it only came with one RAM. Every computer literate person I speak to tells me that this isn’t enough to run Firefox, Word and Itunes. Why did Apple only give it one ram, then? Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

Second of all, I sucked it up. I bought new RAM (4G!) Yes, I was sick of having a computer that had a delayed response when typing, froze when I tried to change tabs, and could barely scroll down without having a nervous breakdown. If my computer were a dog, I’d say, OK. Clearly my computer (dog) is absorbing my anxiety. I have a nervous breakdown every time I have to type or scroll, so my computer does, too. But it’s not a dog, it’s an inanimate object. It should be able to function with some degree of consistency. Still, it can’t. So I shell out for the RAM. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

Third of all, The RAM does nothing. Much like an old dog that cannot be taught new tricks (see above: my MacBook is NOT a dog) after 4G, the damn thing is still giving me hard time about typing this very blog entry! Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!
Fourth of all, there is a big crack in my computer that is the result of a MacBook architectual flaw. True, it’s covered by Apple Care. But…

Fifth of all, I’m so addicted to my computer that I can’t bear to bring it to be fixed. When I was kid I used to sit around in my room and make up stories, go to the park, throw dance parties at my house, go CD shopping, spend hours making the perfect mix tape, talk on the phone for 4 hours about…nothing! Now, if I get pulled away from blogging, stumbling images, wishing I were dancing, downloading music, tweeting, or IMing…I feel sick. I actually feel sick. There is NO WAY that I can bring my computer to the Tek Serve. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

Seriously. I hope he has a happy birthday. And I hope he gets well. Because then, maybe my computer will work better.


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