Write to Supreme Court: Invalidate Proposition 8

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

As you may know, in December, Ken Starr filed legals briefs in California to have all 18,000 gay marriages in California that occurred before Prop 8 passed declared invalid. In effort to stop the reversal, the Courage Campaign has made the video above and wants to everyone to sign a petition (click here to sign) asking that these measures be rejected.

This whole things plays on my heart strings for many reasons. For one, I am a scarred child of divorce. It’s like..oh…my…god. Regina Spektor! You are so right. Never loved nobody fully. ALWAYS one foot on the ground. Really really sad.

But, secondly, what would be even sadder would be if my wants and desires and tendencies in relationships diverged so greatly from our cultural norms and permissions that my petty, adolescent fear of abandonment and commitment couldn’t even be immortalized in a slightly-above-par-pop song. What if my friend Matt and I couldn’t have a pact to get married at 35 just so that we could get our first divorce over and done with? What if the State said, “Sorry, Rachel, Matt, your right to a humorous yet self-defeating separation is being denied because we’re just going to annul your marriage for you. It was never legal.” Somehow, the whole scenario loses it bad-screenplay-worthy charm.

So please. Sign the petition. All the kids in the video look so cute and happy because they’re parents are still married. If the state doesn’t divorce them, then one of two possible outcomes will be occur. Either: a) There’ll be more well-adjusted kids or b) There’ll be more disgruntled 20somethings using fear of love as excuse to avoid the subway on weekends–and blogging about it! Basically, it’s a win-win situation.

On a related note, I’ve been realizing lately the importance of getting involved with state’s legislation. In other words: What happens in California, or anywhere, should matter to you.
Today, I have an article up about how North Dakota’s House has passed a bill saying that a fetus has the same rights as a human. Are you freaked? You should be. This directly violates Roe V. Wade but more importantly, opened my eyes to the way that states are slowly chipping away at Federal decisions. Things that happen on a state level serve to set precedents, and in North Dakota, and many other states referenced in my article, it is glaringly apparently that pro-lifers are attempting to wield back control one tiny stipulation at a time.


5 thoughts on “Write to Supreme Court: Invalidate Proposition 8

  1. i’m a straight man. but in my mind, i’m no less dysfunctional than somebody who wants to hump somebody who looks like himself . . . why is it wrong for two people who love one another to get married while people to enter into sham marriages, arranged marriages, loveless marriages, shotgun marriages and all the rest on a regular and ongoing basis without society batting an eye? didn’t a woman in india just marry a frog or some shit? fuck karl rove.

  2. RB, your talent to turn any issue, even civil rights, into a conversation about how dysnfucntional your family is never ceases to impress. Huzzah!

  3. You know I am a Californian and I thought we were open minded enlightened people.It was quite a shock to see prop 8 pass but democracy is democracy. You shouldn’t try to change the rule of the people and give that power to the courts. We might be intolerant today but we will eventually evolve. Lose the power of democratic vote and you will never get it back!Think about it. This should be addressed in a different way -IMO

  4. I went to the petition and signed it. Now I’m back to thank you for the heads up, especially the shit going on in North Dakota. Never has it been this important to keep a watchful eye on what other states are doing. Just me,ALWAYS one foot on the ground SCD


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