How to Eat Cheap

Some friends of mine from college are writing me a sitcom for the Web and it’s very exciting except that all my most humiliating traits are being exposed.

Yes, it’s true: My definition of eating cheap is in fact exploiting the free samples at Trader Joe’s. (Whole Foods is a better because on a good day you can hit all the food groups..but they’ve gotten stingy lately…I digress).

However, I’ve mentioned that my GoGoZoe writes an actual food blog and she has just put up a post about the new steel-cut oats served at Jamba Juice. The best part about this oatmeal is that there is a Web coupon for dollar oatmeal.

In conclusion, I can’t help you eat cheap. I can help you eat like a character in a Dickens novel and probably land you in jail all Les-Mis style for stealing a slice of bread. But if you do want advice on eating well and inexpensively, I think GoGoZoe may be on to something.

Although, I have been known to write delicious tributes to breakfast in the past.


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