Accountability: 4 Ways to Tell A Good Story

These days, it’s all about spin. And with the Internet, everything is spinning faster. With the economic crash, no one knows which way it’s spinning. Here’s how to go forward with your own story, instead of going insane.

4 Ways to Tell A Good Story:

1. Invest fully in the details. Make cause by case case decisions as you see fit without questioning whether they match up with beginning or middle or end.
2. Repeat themes, not actions. Create new behaviors, but remember to use your own skills. This is how you blend consistency, reliability, truth and exploration.
3. See the humor. This is a good trick when you’re flagging. If you, someone, anyone smirks or laughs, everybody will kind of want to see what happens nexs.
4. Find your own story romantic. This advice was given to me by my friend Katharine when we all had graduated. We were in that phase of being poor, confused, directionless and terrified. Finding your story romantic will stop you from being directionless and terrified. It gives you a rhythm and flow. (If anybody knows how to stop being confused and poor, please let me know. )


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