A Search that Helps You Find, Not Flounder

Today is a day when I predicted the future. You see, yesterday, I wrote about Bruce Springsteen on my blog, and today, my news assignment was about whether or not the Boss is played out. Yes, I am a psychic.

Or maybe…maybe..I’m just really knowledgeable. I read an article today on Popmatters called “Doomed to Dilletantism” and the premise was that we’re so ADD, we have information, without knowledge. But clearly, my ability to keep a clear finger on the pulse of America and Entertainment means that I do have knowledge. Even though I’m on the Internet all day, I seem to still have a brain. (Or as much of a brain as I started with.)

I know….it’s because while Google is making everyone else stupid, I’m using sweetsearch.com.

SweetSearch gives you intelligent search results. SweetSearch slugs though the chaos to show a pattern. SweetSearch is simple, selective and sexy. (Ok, I don’t really see how it’s sexy, but doesn’t that make you want to use it?)

And I know for sure that hearing me talk about Gardasil is sexy! Really. Watch the video. It’s great. Also to say goodbye to posts about Bruce, and to hint at the possibility that I may actually have prophetic dreams, (or blog posts) here is the cashed-out, cheezed-out, man himself doing a cover of Suicide’s Dream Baby Dream:


One thought on “A Search that Helps You Find, Not Flounder

  1. I’m starting to think i’m psychic too and I don’t even believe in it.Lately, I’ve been thinking of particular episodes of Family Guy and Law and Order and maybe days later, without even knowing that episode was coming on, COMES ON and I’m like, “Whoa, sister…whoa.”haha…


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