Hold Steady-Atlantic City

The Hold Steady Cover Atlantic City

I used to be a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. Then, I graduated college and moved to New York and realized that unless you want to be a social outcast, you must like cool bands, such as The Hold Steady, and assert that you’ve “never quite gotten the Bruce Springsteen thing.”

I’m not a very good liar, so I just say, “Um, I used to like Bruce in college, but I’m totally over him.” However, I cannot help but think that Bruce is useful for some lines of reasoning.

For example, “I’m dropping out of philosophy school, and Bruce Springsteen never went to Philosophy school, so it’s probably ok.”

Or, Wow. The family has been together for 4 hours, we have nothing left to say, but people still want to drink. Turn on the Bruce in concert DVD!!

Also…I can’t help but think: Bruce is really good for the recession. Because nobody makes poverty, desperation, hopelessness and working hard without ever getting ahead sound Really really really AWESOME. Your whole life is futile. Times are so tough, Ohio newspapers can’t afford to do a Tuesday edition! I mean, her graduation gown lies in rags at her feet! But somewhere in the middle of all this, a dude from New Jersey is ripping it on his guitar. Don’t you feel better now? I thought so.

Then meet me tonight in Atlantic City.


One thought on “Hold Steady-Atlantic City

  1. When I was in high school and college, Bruce was popular for all the wrong reasons…mostly people misinterpreting “Born in the USA” (though, admittedly, his red, white and blue ass on the cover of that multi-million selling album tells me that might not have been unintentional). But, I was always a fan of the Nebraska album, featuring “Atlantic City” and that was never popular, anyway. (Then, I was also the only kid I knew who liked both punk rock and the Grateful Dead…so I was a social outcast no matter what…).


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