This is a true story

Normally, I try to shy away from being too forthcoming with real information about my life, but this is too good to pass up. (Also, the person in this story told me that my blog would never be successful unless I exposed parts of my life that were embarrassing and shocking.)

Still, I try to keep this kosher, so I am only sharing one sound-bite from my date on Saturday.

Date: You know, you’re not as neurotic as you pretend to be.
Me: Oh, really?

20 mins later..

Date (snapping): Are you seeing a shrink?
Me: Uh, no, why?
Date: Because you worry about a lot of things normal people don’t worry about.
Me: I thought you said I wasn’t as neurotic as pretended to be!
Date: Yeah, well, maybe you are!

From this I conclude that a) I am better off spending my weekend evenings drinking tea at Whole Foods and b) The new Internet sitcom that some people are writing based on my neurosis might have a shot at success...


3 thoughts on “This is a true story

  1. My husband tells me I worry about all sorts of bizarre things that normal people don’t even think of. He married me anyway. The trick is finding a guy who finds your neurosis amusing. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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