You Know You’re Old When…

You conclude two Friday evenings in a row with tea. Yes. Last weekend, I fled Professor Thom’s where the party was just getting started around 11pm, and headed to the East Village’s Cafe Orlin for a nice cup of Green tea.

Last night, my friend, surrogate little sister, and wheat-free food blogger GoGoZoe tried to “culture ourselves” by heading the the Mountain Fold Gallery to see some photographs by Japanese artist Yu Ukai. GoGoZoe is a painter, I am critical of everyone and everything. We decided the photographs were flat, dimensionless, poorly light and had less interesting composition than stuff we’d seen in high school.

I wa curious if the artist is the obliqueness of the images was a stylist choice, but I put that aside while we grabbed our free white wine and collapsed on couch to discuss dental work, graduate school, the economic crisis and rampant fear/sense of stagnation that consumes our lives as 20-something New Yorkers. You know. The usual!

Since of the two of us, GoGo was more worried about money, I offered two suggestions: First I told her that as the award-winning author of the series, “The Way to Work,” I could help her find her financial footing.

Secondly, I offered to take her out for a drink, but neither of us felt we could handle more alchohol. (See above: getting old, fear, stagnation). Despite the fact that the owner is a proponent of the virture of selfishness, we headed to Whole Foods for…tea. Tea! Tea two Fridays in a row!

I hightly recommend the Organic Spicy Ginger Matte. It was pretty fantastic. Verdict is still out on being home by 11:30pm.


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