Recessionista’s Beauty Guide

The number one way to save money and be gorgeous during a recession is just to be naturally gorgeous. Sadly, the number one way to give yourself a headache is to sit around bemoaning the fact that you don’t wake up every morning looking fantastic. You can worsen that headache by worrying about the economy.

But there are so many ways to get headaches these days! Why let beauty products be one of them? Now, if you know in me person, you know that I don’t do really do beauty products. (It seems that the only thing I’ve managed not to worry about is whether or not I wake up, or go out, looking “fantastic.”) But, as my aunt sharply pointed out last week, “You’re not a hippie, you just used to dress like one.” It’s true. And what I lack in make-up knowledge, I make up for in rampant stinginess.

Moral of the story: I am expert on saving money on beauty treatments during a recession. (No, one of the tips is not, “look as tired as possible so your step-mom gives you her old under-eye-concealer hoping you’ll take the tint.”) I can tell you how to paint your own toes, dye your own hair, wax your own..anything!

The second moral of the story: Aristotle has said that our minds lead our bodies. So, if you write about saving money on beauty, it may turn out that you notice a huge beauty sale at the neighborhood drugstore. You tell your co-workers! You tell your mom! Everybody goes and the same day your feature pubs, you help everyone save lots of money!

And maybe it turns out that you want to be pretty, too. Maybe you wonder if being blonder will be funner. Maybe you buy some cheapo hair dying product. Maybe you let everyone know how it goes tomorrow….


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