Free Music Downloading

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I once based my identity on liking classic rock, having unruly hair and wearing jeans with holes. Now, I base my identity on having once liked classic rock, having unruly and refusing to buy jeans.

But, issues with pants aside, I’ve started to realize that cavernous absence that has appeared in my life since I stopped being obsessed with music. So, Web savvy child of the future that I am, I paid a visit to RCRD.LBL (that, for you non-Internet geniuses, is Web 2.0 speak for “Record Label”). From the FAQ page: “RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists.”

What does that mean to me? Every day I go and listen to music that was not only written after 1975, but also is from artists who may or not have a label yet. And, I can stream songs. If I like them, I download them for free. The artists actually like this free downloading situation, because it helps them gain fans and publicity. (And no one believes me that there will be less money after everything goes online….)

Personally, I’ve signed up for the MP3 of the day, (I also get NPR’s All Songs Considered Newsletter) and inserted the podcast into my blog. (Read: Visit my blog, listen to Podcasts!)

Or, visit me to find out what I loved this week. This week, I loved the Heartless Bastards. (No, that’s not a coinincidence, and no, I don’t have a heart, and yes, the link sends to their myspace page.)

The Mountain is a great song (I got it for free from RCRD.LBL!) as is New Resolution:

So. I’m not a music critic. I work too many hours to be cool. But I found a way to refresh my brain. And, to complete the Yin-Yang, I also found a way to write about Classic Rock this week! Yay!

Why? Because Bruce Springsteen is going to play the Super-Bowl half-time show, and I just wrote and published, Super Bowl Halftime Shows: The Good, The Bad, The Censored.
(Hint: Janet Jackson’s Boobs, and obscene Rolling Stone lyrics, are censored.) Not only do we discuss what the Boss will play, we also discuss why Gloria Estefan never should have been allowed within in a hundred yards of a football game. Fun times!

Anyway: This Gun’s for Hire.


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