The Quarter-Life Crisis Made Sweeter

On Friday night, a bunch of from here, and from Qwidget, went out for after work drinks. As often happens with a bunch 20-30 year old media types, we started on the subject of, “What’s the future of Journalism?” And ultimately moved onto, “What’s the future of me?”

One of my co-workers said he didn’t know what he’d be doing, but he knew his passion was telling stories, whether through writing, photos or video or ___.

Telling stories is definitely something I have a passion for. (I don’t enjoy stories as much as I enjoy “flagrant lies,” but without a little pathos, who would I be?) But I knew that my real passion was for something a little more finessed than just plain story-telling. I’d just spent the week working on a press release for Sweet Search, FDs new search engine, and that had been pretty fascinating. But it wasn’t just story-telling–it was something more. It was communicating. It was telling a story with a message. It was knowing that people were going to hear you story and start thinking, changing, moving and learning.

On Sunday, I was on the subway, thinking about SweetSearch, still wondering at the which words would explain what’s so great about it. Then, the word “show” popped into my head. SweetSearch shows you the best information on the Web. SweetSearch shows you how to find what you need. It shepherds you, guides you, and empowers you. Google can be great, but it dumps on you.

Google is the person who tells everybody everything without thinking about what you care about or are interested. SweetSearch is the person who communciates with the audience in mind. SweetSearch tailors the information so people can benefit.

SweetSearch also helped me to figure out a bit of my passion–I don’t want to just tell stories, I want to tailor specific stories to specific people. I want to give people the information they need and will understand. Basically, I want to be SweetSearch.


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