Women’s Brains Are Stronger Than Men’s

How do I know this? Because while Barack Obama was convincing us (quite well!) that we could rise from the dregs and re-establish ourselves as hard-working, motivated, passionate people, while Barack Obama was telling terrorists: “open your first and we will take your hand,” well, Michelle Obama was looking really hot in an Isabel Toledo dress and coat ensemble.

Tell me: Would you rather prove that it’s possible to inspirational, wise and realistic all in one 18 +minute speech or be able to pull off that mustard yellow? To those of us that are brilliant, the answer is obviously the latter.

I also know this because some scientists at the University of Pittsburgh found that when males are starving, their brain cells consume themselves, but female cells are able to protect themselves better from dying during malnutrition. Yes, women’s brains are built for survival. (And who said models are dumb?)

Women’s brains are also built with some other survival instincts. For example, even though I know that Michelle is clearly smarter than Barack, I also know that unlike our new first lady, I cannot wear yellow. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have focus my efforts on my second favorite message of the day, “All this we can do.”

I know that I’m supposed to be kind of a hater/cynic, but I guess I was just kind of blinded by the sunshine of Michelle’s dress. Because I really believe him. (How embarrasing, I know!) Luckily, cyncisim doesn’t have to die. As my yoga teacher suggested last night: This inauguration means that cynicism gets taken out of real life, and relegated to the realm of humor. Whew..The Wicked Witch of the Web turns out to be built for survival, too.


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