Great Shoe Deals

Frye Molly Braid Flats, Available from for $126 reduced from $152. Purchased by me for $39 tonight!

If I wasn’t trying superhard to milk this scenario and make a really search engine friendly subject heading, I would have called this blog entry: I’m fabulous but I have no principles. But I did in fact get an awesome deal on shoes and I do like to take advantage of any data I can use to prove that I’m a “expert at bargain-hunting” So, I think the current title is more grabbing. Point is: tonight, I went to Century 21 in search of a purchase that would make me forget that whole economy is falling apart. (Yes. I admit it. Circuit City’s Liquidation made my heart sink.)

The first thing I saw was a pair of BearPaw boots for cheap. ($33.97) BearPaws are like Uggs, without the name. As you can see from BearPaw’s Web site, there are a lot of advantages to wearing sheepskin and suede boots. Unfortunately, some people think that not only is eating animals ethically wrong, but wearing it is kind of awful too. I was, up until tonight, trying very hard to be one of those people. But in the months that I’ve tried to avoid adding anymore leather to the leather I already own, I’ve developed (possibly related to the not-eating-of-animal-products) really, really bad circulation.

Basically, if I go outside (or get into bed when the neighbors are messing with the heat) my feet get so cold that I lose all feeling and color. I’m not going to go into gory detail here, but people who have seen it know that’s it’s really weird looking, and I frequently find myself in so much pain that I actually cry.

So, people have been encouraging me to get Uggs. My friend the 3rd year medical student offered to give a “Doctor’s Note” to get out of my eco-principles. My friend K, (who owes me a blog entry) retorted: “Forget your principles! I’m wearing Uggs! I am not a principled person?” While the answer to that question provokes enough thought for three blog entries, I think she had a point. So when I saw the BearPaws, I felt myself weakening.

I called my mom.

Me: Can you just listen to me tell you how cold my fear are, to alleviate my guilt? Mom: Ok. Me: I walked 10 mins to the library today. I lost feeling in my feet, and even though it was closed, I had to beg the security guard to let me warm up inside, like the Little Match Girl. When I left, my feet were so frozen and in so much pain, it felt like I was being stabbed with knives, [Like the Little Mermaid] and I was so unbalanced I could barely walk! Mom: First of all, you have a problem. Second of all, get the boots. Your feet are more important than your principles.

The thing is, when I tried them on, they didn’t fit. And while I was walking around the store trying to see if they would loosen up, I spotted the Frye flats. A few months ago, I was in Century 21 when the shoes were 80 bucks and I spent a long time wearing them, and wanting them, and telling my Good Friend that I simply could not buy them because I was not buying leather. But tonight, they weren’t even 80 bucks. They were $39.00. And I had already worked myself into a total tizzy of principle-forsaking.

So I bought them. They are not remotely going to keep my feet warm. They killed a cow. I have rationalized this by looking at how hard a time the store has obviously had selling these shoes. “If you don’t buy them,” I told myself, “The poor cow will have died for nought!”

Yeah, it sounds pretty sketchy to me, too. But there are advantages: I got an awesome deal; I can tell all my ballet-flat-hungry readers where to get this awesome deal (they have a million pairs left, see above: “cows die for nought;”) If I start feeling better about any of my myriad shortcomings, I can chastise myself for being hypocritical and unprincipled.

On a more positive note, it does make me think about how hard it is be to “Green” which has gotten me even more excited about the blog I’m doing for a new site called Civil Eats, about the dark side of soy.

Wanna read more about Circuit City or Bargain-Hunting? You know where do it. And if you love getting depressed about the state of the economy, you won’t want to miss the article I wrote about the Seattle Post-Intelligencer folding.


3 thoughts on “Great Shoe Deals

  1. Be careful not to stick to the floor, if you stick to the floor your < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ballet shoes <> will wear out faster than normal, ballet shoes are meant to slide and if they stick you could injure yourself. Ballet shoes wear out very quickly; because of this fact many dancers purchase many pairs because they go thru at least a dozen or more shoes each year.

  2. My feeling is, just get the boots. But don’t wear them through the snow too much or they will be destroyed, like my own sad Emu boots. I also suggest forgetting about the poor animals altogether and eating red meat.

  3. WELL DONE!!! And get whatever animal product boots you want. i personally have some fleece lined suede ones. As a southern california native, i have no problem saying DO WHATEVER it takes to stay warm!


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