Diet Coke’s Not Good for You?

Diet Soda is really bad for you. Not as bad as regular soda, but bad.

Yet somehow in our whacked out country of overeaters and undereaters and dieters and mcdonald’s addicts and soda addicts and wheat grass drinkers… we get diet coke plus. Bad stuff….with vitamins!

That is why I think it hilarious that Denmark is refusing to sell Diet Coke Plus and flat out calling it a lie. I mean, we here in America all know it’s a lie. But we buy it anyway cause it just makes us feel better.

Lessons to be learned…


4 thoughts on “Diet Coke’s Not Good for You?

  1. Ten years ago I was working in a sandwich shop. A woman came in and ordered a 16″ tuna sub with bacon and extra mayo, large cheese fries with ranch dressing, and…a diet coke. I think the diet was a New Year’s resolution.

  2. gotta hand it to the danes…aren’t they one of the worlds most healthy nations?? However, I do enjoy my diet soda. I would rather have a diet soda and save the sugar for something else more substantial….


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