Obama Abolishes Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Recently, I’ve signed up as a user on the Qwidget Blog, a news/commenting forum that I’ve found completely addictive as a way to engage with people in discussions about current events. Qwidget’s in beta now, but soon, Web sites will be able to implement the Qwidget box on their page as part of the Chat The Planet project. In other words, we’re all going to be able communicate a lot more readily with our fellow internet users about specific topics. We’ll able to message individual commenters, and use the internet for thoughtful debates rather than random, isolated clicking.

One of the topics I’ve been discussing recently on Qwidget is whether Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay is a good thing. I argued that it was sort of stunt: Sure it looks good, but does it really do anything to improve policy? Does it offer the appropriate recompense to victims?

For fear of being seen as a cynical naysayer (and on the same day as I unsubsribed from Obama’s now spamm-y email list, no less!) I wasn’t going to say anything until I had something positive to say. Now I do!

Chris Coats writes:

“During the second edition of the Obama Transition Team’s Open for Questions series of YouTube videos, incoming Press Secretary Robert Gibbs offered a one-word answer to the question of whether the administration still planned to abolish the policy: ‘Yes.’

Yes. Don’t ask, Don’t Tell will be abolished. {Click for full article}

Don’t you just love our President elect?


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