Recesssion Tip: The Clothing Swap

Today, I lost my clothing swap virginity. My friend Felicia, self-described “author, foodie, rockstar,” hosted a bunch of us for a recessionista clothing swap. AKA: get that joyful “I went shopping feeling” without having your bank account remind you EVER that you went shopping.

Recessionista is becoming the most important word in beauty and fashion these days as indulging in your appearance becomes more and more unrealistic. As Mark observed recently, we’ve all got permission to let ourselves go a bit. Previously, there was pressure to keep up even if it meant charging a little too much on the credit card. Now, no one expects you to be bending over backwards to look perfect. Therefore, more people are looking less perfect.

Shannon Firth on findingDuclinea writes:

A “recessionista” is the term for the sophisticated yet savvy shopper suddenly trending away from the kind of conspicuous consumption deemed offensive in today’s crumbling economy.”

But, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Personally, I gave up my $7 dollar a month eyebrow threading habit. But this week, I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital and was horrified at the pained, heartbroken expression on her face everytime she moved and also when she said, “RB, honey, next time you come bring a tweezer and let your aunt do your eyebrows…please.” (Speaking of saving money, she also said she would wallpaper her bathroom with my blog, but only if I changed the background to blue.)

Anyway, the key to being a recessionista is to save money while not having your mophine-ravaged grandma tell you your face has become oddly reminiscent of Chewbacca’s. Today’s clothing swap afforded all of us the opportunity to recharge our wardrobes without draining our resources.

It was also a good opportunity to meet fellow writers. Do check out the Web site edited by my fellow recessionista and mostly-vegan Paula Crossfied, Civil Eats. It’s a site devoted to the practice of eating, growing and living locally.


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