Go Green, Eat Kangaroo

My friend at SassyTwoSocks sent me this fantasticly funny picture today, because I too was a vegan for a while until I couldn’t resist eating cookie off a Kraft Services table while serving as a production assistant on Legends.

At that point, I knew I valued cookies more than morals and shirked all labels. But speaking of morals, I became a vegetarian because I think animals are cute and meat grosses me out, but over the years have come to take a more political standpoint on the issue of eating meat. Namely, I don’t think it’s a very green thing to do, or economically viable thing to do, or a sustainable thing to do. So it really surprised me to see an article on our site today reporting that in Australia, authorities are encouraging people to go green by eating kangaroo.

As it turns out, opting for Kangaroo has the some of same positive effects of eliminating meat altogether. Namely, carbon emissions are reduced drastically. Admittedly, once the Good Friend ordered kangaroo at the Paloma restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and the animals-are-cute vegetarian in me acted all upset….(oohh but they but have those adorable pouches, waah waah, blah blah.) I suppose the political vegetarian in me should have been singing a different tune…possible a humble one that can add some flavor to the air and self-importance I’m existing on.


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