What to Do in NYC 1.7.09: New Music

The three songs feature on the MySpace page of Population1280 pretty much sum up what it’s like to live in New York City circa 2009.

2.Trash Cops
1.Time Square

Round-out your “I’m Cool, I Live In NYC in the Oughts” experience on January 7th, 2009 by coming to see Population 1280 at Silent Barn, 915 Wycoff Ave, off la L train. What’s cool is that you take the L train, but you’re actually in Queens. OMG…boroughs galore. Show starts at 8. Everyone cool (depending on your definition of “cool”) will be there.

My StumbleUpon review of the myspace page reads: “The grittiness of post-punk doused with the flippant self-willfulness of Indie Rock.” It has come to my attention that no one (including me) knows exactly what “self-willfulness” means. But when you Stumble in sleep, I think you’re not accountable for what you write.


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