I Wrestle with Your Conscience

Tonight, I baby sat for two little girls, aged 3 years and 16 months. I’ve done it for while, since the three-year old was 6 months old.

This evening was pretty much like any other night at the apartment in Soho:

1) The baby cried and I went to comfort her.

2) As I was lying in the bed, cuddling the tiny baby in my arms, stroking her little quivering back, whispering, “Shh. You can do it! Yes that’s right, you’re ok. You can sleep,” I thought to myself: Wow. I could never be a parent.


3 thoughts on “I Wrestle with Your Conscience

  1. You can too be a parent! I became a parent at 25 (technically, 22 but…long story) and I never thought I’d have a kid especially a single, gay one. I tend to think that human nature and the will to survive gives us the tools we need to be parents. Kids don’t come with manuals or guides…its all about handing down experience from each other. 😉


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